Our Passion
Our Passion
Our recipe for success

Our passion for horses

The success of Lux-Horses rests on four pillars:
  • Breeding
  • Training
  • Riding
  • Sale

Our breeding is aimed at preserving quality across generations. To live up to this ambition, we are focussing on a breeding method that is distinguished by its diligence.

To ensure the best possible preparation of our horses for the world of equestrianism, we like to invest time and care in individual training of a high quality. Our horsebreakers dedicate themselves to the training of high-performing youngster and sports horses every day.

Lux-Horses' recipe of success is not least of all rooted in appreciating horses and riders in their individuality, confirming them in their talents, and cultivating the latter in a targeted manner. 

Lux-Horses also offers a first-class service when it comes to selling our horses, and attaches particular importance to personal consultancy and support, provided on the basis of our many years of experience.

More than 25 years of equestrian success

More than 25 years of equestrian success underscore the know-how, passion and dedication of the Lux-Horses team in its daily work with horses and riders.

To cater to the wishes of our clients in the best possible manner, the Lux-Horses range not only comprises talented youngster horses, but also highly qualified jumpers with S-level triumphs under their belt on a national and international level. Get your information from Lux-Horses if you are looking for the right horse.

For those of you actively engaged in horse-breeding, we can also offer a premium selection of excellent sports stallions alongside our standard horses for sale.

In addition to all this, Lux-Horses also offers the option of accommodating your own horses and having them undergo qualified training with our horsebreakers. You as the owner can also attend these training units and sessions if you wish.

If your main interest are first-class, up-and-coming youngsters of your own, we can also train them for you on our grounds.


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